One of our recent customers feedback to us recently and reported that "he hadn't seen a butterfly in his garden for nearly 15 years until he started planting up his boxes."

The UK has 59 different types of butterfly. But sadly populations have declined recently due to loss of their habitat, pollution and changing weather patterns. Some species require specialised habitats but not all. A key habitat for butterflies are peat bogs , and their preservation is key. We use a completely peat free soil with our kits , sustainably sourced from coconut husks.

To see butterflies in your garden, you need to entice them with the right kind of plants. Butterflies can be encouraged to visit gardens by growing a range of suitable plants from March until frosty weather ends the butterfly season in October-November.

Here are some of our favourites you might see fluttering by your green wall:


Common Blue Butterfly

Nothing common about this little beauty. The females colour can go from deep brown in the South of England, to bright blue in Scotland, the males are always bright blue though, widely found throughout the UK. 


Seen widely in the UK in parks, gardens, hedgerows and woodlands this little beauty is hard to spot but so lovely and delicate. 

 All plants will contribute to a natural habitat for lots of insects and butterflies. We don't use any pesticides , or any chemicals at all on our plants when they're with us.