When we say evergreen, we mean evergreen. We often refer to the fact that our plants are evergreen , but what does that really mean?

Well we’ve taken some photo’s last week on the 3rd December to show you just how green they are. We have taken great care when selecting the plants for our living wall kits and collections, to make sure that our plants can survive the harshest of winters we’re likely to experience in the UK. 

Evergreen simply means that the plant will maintain some green leaves through the winter. Not only do they keep their leaves , but they keep a structure which wildlife loves to use as a shelter in the winter. They’ll also absorb sound and pollutants , depending on where they are. So not just a pretty plant , these little worker bees of the plant world are out there doing a marvellous job all year round. 

So if you’re looking for the perfect vertical garden , then look no further. We have carefully selected the ideal evergreen plants for your living wall. All of our foliage collections and kits come with evergreen plants. 



Photograph of living walls taken in December
Close up of an outdoor living wall with plants photographed in December