We get asked a lot about how quickly the plants will grow.

This is a difficult question to answer as it can be affected by so many factors out of your control. We have tried to get the best plants available to give you the best chance of long term success.  We’ve shown here a Shady Greens that was planted in early May and then the photograph taken in September , so around 4 - 5 months growth. 





Whether the boxes are in sun or shade makes a difference as to how fast they will grow. Boxes in sun will perform grow at a faster rate , as long as they’re kept watered. This is easy to do with our in built water reservoir , fill this up once a week in high summer and the plants should be happy. 

We’ve trawled through literally thousands of species and varieties to come up with the most bullet-proof plants we can find. We’ve tried to include as many medal winners in there, the RHS awards Garden of Merit awards to plants that perform well. These are species that have shown to have a good constitution, have got some in built resistance to pests and disease and have all been thoroughly tried and tested. 

Also available on our site is the fantastic Natural Grower fertiliser. This can act as a supercharger for your plants. We use this everywhere , on our garden , on our houseplants , on our living walls , it’s a fantastic all rounder. Completely organic , certified vegan and child friendly it really is one of the best options out there. Simply dilute this into your watering can as per the instructions on the bottle and pour into your living wall planter water reservoir.  

On top of this we’ve also gone for the hardiest plants, which means they’ll survive even the harshest British Winter. So the answer to your question is 42 ?. Who knows how your garden will grow but we’ve hopefully eliminated some of the potential pitfalls of creating a living wall. Just sit back and let nature take its course.