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Feel free to ask us anything you want about anything garden in a boxy by either using LIVE CHAT or emailing , we will happily pass on any tips that we have, but in the meantime here are some frequently asked questions;

Living Walls.

We will start deliveries of outdoor living wall orders in late March / early April. We won't ship without getting in touch first to arrange a convenient time.

With the harsher winter temperatures in the UK , we don't advise planting up a living wall in the colder months.

The wall boxes can be used indoors and outdoors. They can be mounted to most solid walls and fences using the correct fixings.

There are 2 screwholes per box and we recommend screwing each box that is wall mounted. This way you are spreading the weight evenly.

The correct fixings according to the manufacturer are as follows, please note we don’t supply these. The wall fixings that are recommended are , all are readily available in the UK 

·   6.0mm Fischer SX Nylon Wall Plugs
·   6.0mm A2 stainless steel Multipurpose Ultrascrew PZ

One thing we definitely recommend is that you make sure that the surface you're going to stand the boxes on and the wall they will be up against is level, please take the time to assess this before you start to install. With our collections such as panorama , all of the boxes will be fixed to the wall. The collection of tapestry could be stacked from the floor, but would also need screwing to the wall.

The boxes weigh approximately 8kg each when filled with plants and compost. Please bear this in mind when putting your kits together , it may be easier to screw the boxes to the wall first and plant once in situ.

Further instructions will be sent out with all kits and collections. If you have any further questions either jump on chat or send us an email.

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The boxes are a quick simple snap together kit .To understand how to build your boxes visit our How to page.

Yes you can use the Plantbox wall kit indoors. There is special stopper which slots into the boxes and seals them for indoor use. We do sell the kits with and without plants , see the links below.

Indoor collection
Indoor kit
Just boxes

1 box
Height 20cm x Width 60cm x Depth 15cm
Covers 0.12m2

3 boxes (kits)
Height 60cm x Width 60cm x Depth 15cm
Covers 0.32m2

We have more details on dimensions on the individual product pages. The collections are designed to cover a specific msq and can be re-arranged to custom fit to your space.

Looking for something bigger ? get in touch either on chat or via email.

We have built a handy calculator that will work out how many boxes you'll need. The calculator can be found on the right hand side of the product pages , underneath choose quantity.

We are in Autumn which is actually the optimum time for planting our plants. We use a mixture of perennial plants which love to be planted in at this of year. We will stop shipping outdoor living walls at the end of October. From that point you can place an order in advance for next Spring.

The temperature and moisture levels give the plants a great opportunity to get settled in and get some good roots down. Most of our plants are evergreen so they'll keep their foliage over the Winter.

They'll also be well settled by Spring when you'll be rewarded with lots of healthy fresh growth.

Our plants are hardy down to -15 so will survive most of what a British Winter will throw it's way.

The amount of light that we class as sun is more than 6 hours of sunshine a day. Shade is anything between 4 and 6 hours sunshine per day.

If you have less than 4 hours sunshine per day then our plant bundles will not thrive. If you want to discuss a bespoke plant collection that will cope in deep shade then please get in touch.

Shipping plants is always difficult but we've gone to great lengths to limit the damage that any plant may have on their way to you.

We have a beautiful bespoke box design to guarantee that your plants will arrive safely. We have deisgned a compartment for each individual plant. We then insert a stick into the plant to ensure that it's movement is limited within it's compartment. Dont' worry this won't damage the plant and can be removed and recycled, or reused as a stake.

We then sleeve the plants in a recycled paper sleeve to minimise any soil loss.

All shipped out next day so that they're in and out of the box as quicly as possible.

We can't eliminate everything that may happen when the plants are with our couriers. If any plants are damaged , we will be happy to replace these.

Yes, we supply you with a dehydrated block of the fantastic peat free , coco coir growing medium.

The use of Peat in gardening is based on an unsustainable supply that is damaging valuable eco systems. We, along with a large majority of the gardening community are trying to use peat free as much as is possible.  

Coco Coir is made from the sustainable harvesting of coconut husks , which provides a perfect growing medium for the living wall environment. The coconut naturally provides organic compounds which assist strong root growth , it also offers some natural resistance to plant diseases. We have chosen to use it mixed with either perlite , NPK or on it’s own depending on the plants.  It’s so easy. It arrives in a small brick shape that weighs 1kg. You need to put it in a bucket and add warm water , have a brew and half an hour later after a good stirring up you’re ready to go. 

Most of the plants that we use are perennials, which means they come back year after year. They should last for at least 5 years , but may last for many more depending on the individual plants. 

The herbs plants are a similar bunch , but some varieties such as parsley may only last for 2 years. Other herbs can have a very long life , we have an 11 year old Rosemary bush and we’ve been carting our Thyme around with us for 8 years and they’re still thriving. 

We do however have to say that a plant is a living thing and depends on many different environmental factors that are largely out of our and your controls.

Yes feel free to give them a chop and style them. They will benefit from the dead leaves being removed. In Winter some of the plants will disappear for awhile , and cutting back the dead leaves to the soil level with help them get ready for Spring. The herbs will require a good prune every now and again , especially the mint !We recommend that you don’t strip a plant of any more than 30% of it’s leaves. Further instructions will be sent out with each box of plants. 

We are happy to work with landscapers and architects. We have a large selection of 9 cm perennials , and have alternative plants available. You can build your own wall , switch plants in and out to suit the specific environment. Please get in touch with us to learn more .

Yes of course, If you’d like to return an item or require a refund we will always do our utmost to resolve any issues for more information visit Delivery and Returns or read our full Terms and Conditions

Each plant is a unique living being therefore it is impossible for us to guarantee the size of plants that we send out. We are also affected by seasonality and supply.

We ship plants in 9cm pots , which fit perfectly in our wall boxes. We feel that this is the optimum time to ship a plant as well as it's establshed enough to survive the journey. The plants have to also fit into our bespoke packaging to make sure they arrive safe.

We will always aim to send out the plants that are the best at the point of order.

Depending on the time of year, you will see some noticeable growth within 4 to 6 weeks, but this is dependant on lots of factors one of which being the British weather.

We may also have cut some plants down to prevent any serious damage during shipping. This will only strengthen the plant in the long run and will not affect it’s potential. The plants will not be any taller than 35cm at delivery.

All of our plants have been selected because they are low maintenance. We have gone for the best species , and then within that the best varieties that are going to be happy in a wall box. The compost itself contains enough food for at least the first year or two.  Most of the plants are perennials and will come back year after year. 

Most will even hang around in Winter to give you all year round interest. They are all fully hardy so should survive the harshest of British Winters.  

If you have any issues or further questions about any of our plants we will be more than happy to answer them and try and help. Photos are also really useful for us to see what the problem is and we would ask that all queries have a photo attached. Please email all enquiries to 

Feel free to give them as much care and attention as you like. The plants will  have enough food in the compost for the first few years, but would usually  benefit from an additional feed next year. After that feed as per the instructions with your feed , a good multipurpose will do the job.  If you want to sculpt your plants to fit around others then most will survive you chopping around 20% off. The trailing plants can also be chopped back without it causing it too much stress. We would just ask that any chopping be done in the summer when there is zero risk of frost. 


Tulips should ideally be planted in late October , November or early December. The later you leave it the better as the soil gets colder and kills any virus's that could affect the bulbs.

Your bulbs will arrive in one of our boxes which are perfect for storage. The beautiful box just needs to be kept in a dry place.

Tulips will typically last 1-2 years. After this the bulbs will produce flowers, but maybe not every year and the flowers will be smaller. When they get to this stage you can put them in a quiet corner of the garden.

There are tulip bulbs that will last longer than others, particularly a variety called the Darwin Hybrids. We have chosen as many of these as possible in our range, Apeldoorn, Apricot Pride , Hakuun, Triple A and Salmon Impression are all Darwin Hybrids, giving you a longer life bulb.

Tulips need to be in well drained soil , which means whatever pot you choose must have holes in the bottom where water can flow out of. We have chosen a range of pots that are perfect for tulips with good drainage built into the frame.

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