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Unlock the potential of your outdoor spaces. 

Garden in a Box are here to help you maximise your valuable outdoor space and give you an instant connection to nature. The last few years have been a catalyst which has meant that we all value that connection to nature more than ever. We're passionate about gardening and gardens, especially vertical ones. 

Ultimately planting plants, bulbs and tree's is good for everything and everyone , unlocking vertical spaces that have previously been a 'dead space' is something we think is a great idea. Plants are some of the cleverest organisms on earth and true superhero's. 

We care about how every element of our business touches the environment and are working to minimise and offset as much as we can. We support the use of peat free compost , to cut out the unsustainable harvesting of peat. All of our packaging is FSC 100% which means it comes from well managed forests. 

We also don't believe that buying unsuitable plants that have been shipped across continents , only for them to die 4 weeks later is good for anyone. We have gone to great lengths to source plants that will last. They have been grown well and for long enough for them to become established enough to be safe to ship. Our bulbs have also been sourced from a reliable UK source. 

We are always working here on adding new products to our ranges , if you're interested please subscribe to our mailing list for all the upto date info.